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The reasons why I chose PunBB
Publié le 3 Oct 2012, 2:31 am dans cms, php

One reseller of webhosting at Dot.MG asked me to revamp one of her customer's website. The old webmaster seems to ignore anything about templating and dynamic pages, all files of the website were served statically. That's a good thing for my servers, but a very bad thing when it comes to touch something in his designs. We'll talk later about how I re-templated this installation.

This site had a bulletin board, which was hosted elsewhere, on free forum hosting, and integrated to his site with ugly <iframe>.

I had to install myself a discussion board, and, it's the first time in years that I had to play again with a bulletin board. Last time I've use one, PhpBB was the king of BBs. One of the forum I like is run by Vanilla and I went on their site to download one look for a download link. I was not looking to download the archive, rather looking for a download link, to copy the URL and use wget on the server. Actually, I feel very uncomfortable with downloading something to my PC and then uploading the file to my servers. I'm now used to get the tarball directly from my test server, doing the install there, and repeat the process on the production box when everything is okay.

But, VanillaForums didn't give a simple download link, the download was on a post form, so I was obviously obliged to use a browser and click the download button. I gave a last chance to Vanilla by passing --post-data to wget, but when this was also failing, I gave up and did a quick search for lightweight forum. Then I saw this stackoverflow discussion where I saw PunBB as one of the candidates. And yes, PunBB has usable download links. At my great surprise, PunBB has support for Sqlite, the installation was easy and straighforward.

And there are the reasons why I chose PunBB.

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