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Find corrupted php source
Publié le 27 Sep 2012, 10:14 pm dans php
I was given a CD containing a website that the owner wanted to transfer to my Madagascar web hosting dot.mg. Well, I don't know how they did burn this disk, but when the copy and installation was completed, the site showed gibberish content and at the bottom of the page a sensitive part of the PHP source were exposed. Some of the PHP source were corrupted, and the <?php markers along with some code were replaced with binary lettersalad. I spotted only one file corrupted, but since this corruption could leak sensitive information, I needed a way to list all corrupted files so that I could reclaim them from the website owner. So, basically, what I want is a tool that checks all php files and list which ones of them contains binary data. The quick solution I created was this very simple command :
 grep -r $'[\x0e-\x1f]' * | grep php
My pattern is $'[\x0e-\x1f'], any character between ascii code hex 0E and 1F. I could have listed all character that cannot appear in normal text files, but somehow, this was sufficient. The option -r iterates through subfolders, and for this, I could not use *.php as file pattern. The first part of this command finds binary characters from 0E to 1F in all files. If a match is found, it outputs texts like
Binary file images/test.jpg matches
Binary file inc/connexion.php matches
Look! grep considered file inc/connexion.php as binary file. What remains is to filter this output and show only php files, that's what piping to grep php stands for. And voilà!
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