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Strange RNF2120
Publié le 21 Oct 2012, 1:04 pm dans iseries
When compiling a RPGIV program, I found a lot of errors, caused by one fact: RNF2120 on one file XXXX
fXXXXXXXX  if   e           k disk
When I check the file XXXXXXXX, it exists and in one of my library list. And it is not in QTEMP. So, why does the compiler issuing a RNF2120. After many tries and retries, I've issued a DSPFFD on the file to see if there was anything abnormal with the file creation. And Bingo! DSPFFD failed. It was because I created the file in SQLRPG PGM which was NOT compiled with COMMIT = *NONE, so the file exists but in a zombie state, waiting for a COMMIT or a ROLLBACK. So, I signed off, modified my SQLRPG program which creates the file by adding
recompiled and re-created the file and problem solved.
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Hi there,
Beautiful blog. Happy to meet fellow Blite! user. :)
10 Déc 2012, 2:35 pm · Lien permanent

and I am happy to meet a non-robot comment. (I didn't get any spam since I activated XMLRPC, which was required for the built-in anti-spam system to work.
10 Déc 2012, 2:54 pm · Lien permanent
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