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Are your passwords safe with Firefox?
Publié le 26 Fév 2013, 2:51 am dans Misc
When I go to a cybercafe in Antananarivo, sometimes when I open gmail to view my mails, a session from the former client appears, and I can read all his/her mails. I find myself, many times, forgetting to close my session, especially on desktop applications like Skype or formerly MSN Messenger. One day, I opened the browser, went to menu Edit | Preferences | Security (tab) | Saved Passwords (button). There appear all sites and Usernames for which passwords were saved on the browser. There is also a button "Show Passwords" which shows in clear all the sites, usernames and passwords saved. So now, each time I go to a cybercafe, I do the same, but instead of the button "Show Passwords", I use "Clear all". I also set manually a random master password if it is not set yet.
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