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Publié le 26 Fév 2013, 2:51 am dans Misc
When I go to a cybercafe in Antananarivo, sometimes when I open gmail to view my mails, a session from the former client appears, and I can read all his/her mails. I find myself, many times, forgetting to close my session, especially on desktop applications like Skype or formerly MSN Messenger. One day, I opened the browser, went to menu Edit | Preferences | Security (tab) | Saved Passwords (button). There appear all sites and Usernames for which passwords were saved on the browser. There is also a button "Show Passwords" which shows in clear all the sites, usernames and passwords saved. So now, each time I go to a cybercafe, I do the same, but instead of the button "Show Passwords", I use "Clear all". I also set manually a random master password if it is not set yet.
Publié le 22 Fév 2013, 2:08 pm dans linux, php

I wanted to upgrade this server's PHP to 5.4. According to what I read from Blite official website, running Blite on 5.4 would reduce again my memory usage from 810kB to less than 350kB. But the stable version when I try to upgrade via apt-get install php5 is PHP 5.3.21.

So I tried adding dotdeb repository to my sources.list, then made an apt-get update and apt-get install php5. But the last command, apt-get install php5 removed the package roundcube-sqlite, which was my choice of SQL backend for webmail on this server. At first, I didn't notice the warning about "The following package will be removed", and I made roundcube unusable on the server. PHP 5.4 was successfully installed though. Anything I tried to install roundcube-sqlite failed.

During this time, I could test the performance of Blite, but, unfortunately, I didn't see any change in memory peak usage, I didn't even get the memory usage going below 800kB. In my point of view, there was absolutely no change, no benefit.

I then removed dotdeb from my sources.list, removed php5, and make an apt-get update; apt-get install roundcube to reinstall roundcube, along with PHP 5.3. This made my server go back to its previous state.

This experience made me think that to successfully use latest versions of softwares, the best way to do is compile from source. Having broken dependencies on my packages will be the worst thing I don't need for my servers.

Publié le 20 Fév 2013, 1:24 pm dans linux, windows

My wife's notebook runs on Windows Seven, and didn't have the opportunity (nor the authorization from her) to install Linux on it, and anyway, she would only boot Windows most of the time. GIS softwares she's working on have no reliable alternatives on Linux.

Many times, we have to transfer files between our computers. I also feel the need to take control of her computer sometimes. Transferring files from Linux to Windows, or taking control of the linux machine from within Windows is easy, as I have installed Putty on her notebook. I just use psftp or scp.

Taking control of her computer using VNC is not always an ideal solution, as this is intrusive and we have input conflict. And transferring files from Windows to Linux is not always simple. So I installed an SSH Server on her computer. I chose Bitvise mainly because it doesn't need Cygwin or a heavyweight collection of libraries. Just less than 8MB and it's OK. After installing Bitvise, I can run terminal commands unobstrusively from my computer, and I can also copy files using standard scp.

Funny thing: I tend to enter Linux commands like ls, grep, ... Maybe I really needed the other SSH Server involving all the Cygwin bundle...

Publié le 12 Fév 2013, 3:09 am dans linux

Due to issues on keyboard, I recently fresh-installed LinuxMint 14 to my Lenovo 3000 N100. My former system was LinuxMint 11. Unfortunately, one annoying bug eclipses all the good aspects of this new system. My touchpad stops working many times, and when this bug happens, I can't use my mouse anymore to click anywhere. The pointer still moves but the clicks get lost. I have to go into console mode (Ctrl+Alt+F1) and kill the main application who lastly got the mouse focus.

Sometimes, it gets me back into graphic mode and the mouse is working again. But randomly, that doesn't fix the problem, and either X gets restarted automatically or I need to restart mdm manually.

The issue seems to be some kernel bug with since kernel 3.0, so I bet installing a new desktop manager or another linux flavor would just be a waste of time. Before I'll explore that way, I will list here my attempts to solve and see how long these workarounds last.

The first workaround I found, that I don't understand at all, is about some modprobe commands.

sudo modprobe -r psmouse
sudo modprobe psmouse proto=imps
Publié le 8 Fév 2013, 4:00 pm dans libreoffice

Changing page orientation in Libreoffice is more natural than with Microsoft Office, but sometimes, I just don't remember how to do it. Maybe because I use landscape very rarely, about once in a year.

It really is as simple and (normally) as intuitive as Format, Page, Page, Orientation. In mnemonic: Format page, page orientation.

How to change page orientation to landscape in Librefofice/OpenOffice

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