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Publié le 2 Oct 2012, 8:33 am dans linux
Installing roundcube is really easy. Since I'm on Debian, roundcube packages are available, all I have to do is apt-get install roundcube. Before that, I've setup a virtual server on nginx for roundcube. But since nginx is not supported by the roundcube installation, I had to manually modify the nginx settings. There was a file apache.conf in the /etc/roundcube/ folder, and it helped me find out the changes to make to nginx.conf. Very easy, it's just to change the root folder:
#       root /home/dotmg/http/hosts/myvhost.com;
        root /var/lib/roundcube;
When launched, it threw this error:
main.inc.php was not found.
Please read the INSTALL instructions!
It's just because I run this vhost as another user, dotmg, but the roundcube install by apt-get assigned config files to user www-data. The main.inc.php file was on /etc/roundcube/. I needed also to give ownership of debian-db.php to my user. Then, I read the content of this file, and since my roundcube database backend is a sqlite server, I also gave ownership of the roundcube folder containing my database to this user. To know this folder, read $basepath and $dbname in debian-db.php
 chown dotmg:dotmg /etc/roundcube/main.inc.php
 chown dotmg:dotmg /etc/roundcube/debian-db.php
 chown dotmg:dotmg -R /var/lib/dbconfig-common/sqlite/roundcube/roundcube
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