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Bitvise : SSH Server on Windows
Publié le 20 Fév 2013, 1:24 pm dans linux, windows

My wife's notebook runs on Windows Seven, and didn't have the opportunity (nor the authorization from her) to install Linux on it, and anyway, she would only boot Windows most of the time. GIS softwares she's working on have no reliable alternatives on Linux.

Many times, we have to transfer files between our computers. I also feel the need to take control of her computer sometimes. Transferring files from Linux to Windows, or taking control of the linux machine from within Windows is easy, as I have installed Putty on her notebook. I just use psftp or scp.

Taking control of her computer using VNC is not always an ideal solution, as this is intrusive and we have input conflict. And transferring files from Windows to Linux is not always simple. So I installed an SSH Server on her computer. I chose Bitvise mainly because it doesn't need Cygwin or a heavyweight collection of libraries. Just less than 8MB and it's OK. After installing Bitvise, I can run terminal commands unobstrusively from my computer, and I can also copy files using standard scp.

Funny thing: I tend to enter Linux commands like ls, grep, ... Maybe I really needed the other SSH Server involving all the Cygwin bundle...

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