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MySQL deprecated Type in favor of Engine
Publié le 2 Fév 2013, 5:36 pm dans mysql

I installed WikkaWiki on a server with MySQL 5.5.29 and it failed to create all the needed tables, without any more information on screen. After checking the authorization and finding no issue, I recopied the create table statement in PHPMyAdmin and found "an error near Type=MyISAM".

It appears that TYPE keyword in CREATE TABLE was deprecated long ago, and should be replaced with ENGINE. The statement should be

CREATE TABLE tablename (
 fieldname INT )

However, MySQL documentation says that it is unnecessary to use ENGINE to specify the MyISAM storage engine because MyISAM is the default engine anyway. Fortunately, WikkaWiki tables are all MyISAM, so the best option was to simply remove it.

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