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Publié le 31 Jan 2013, 10:44 pm dans html

In my last post, I experimented serving a video file using my very own hosting, using HTML5 technology. It was not flawless, so I better note the steps I did, I may need this soon.

The first step was recording the video and copy it to my hard disk. Then, it needed to be re-encoded. But to optimize the resources, I also needed to remove leading and trailing sequences, and crop the video to the rectangle that is of interest. The interesting sequence was starting at second 21 of the original video, and lasted for 23 seconds. -ss 21 -t 23. I also removed 220 pixels from left and right, and 30px/50px from top/bottom. -croptop 30 -cropbottom 50 -cropleft 220 -cropright 220 . The extracted video now have a new aspect ratio. I didn't bother to calculate the absolutely correct value, but -aspect 3:5 gave an acceptable ratio. Then I generated three formats : ogv, webm and mp4. I found the vcodec and acodec parameters to use on Stackoverflow.

ffmpeg -i bootani.MOD -ss 21 -t 23 -b 250k -vcodec libtheora -acodec libvorbis 
  -ab 160000 -g 30 -croptop 30 -cropbottom 50 -cropleft 220 -cropright 220 -aspect 3:5 bootani.ogv

The easiest and coolest part is the use of <video> tag to attach the video.

<video id="video" height="500" width="300" preload="false" autobuffer="true" controls="true">
<source src="/media/bootani.webm" type="video/webm"></source>
<source src="/media/bootani.ogv" type="video/ogg"></source>
<source src="/media/bootani.mp4" type="video/mp4"></source>
Publié le 29 Jan 2013, 5:08 am dans android

Since the day I was able to root my Tecno T3, I am tuning it for a better performance. The audio volume of the boot and shutdown animation of the stock T3 was a bit too high. And I also wanted to reduce the size of bootanimation.zip, because sometimes, the animation lags too much.

So I ended up creating my very own ugly boot animation. The goal is not to have a pretty one, but a lightweight file and an acceptable music. I realized the animation in about 30 minutes.

Publié le 17 Jan 2013, 7:10 am dans android

I planned to make a review of this android smartphone named Tecno T3. Tecno are chinese phones made for Africans. This last sentence describes how is it, low cost, low specs. And when it comes with 13 months warranty, I can almost safely think it is not as bad quality as many chinese products are.

Tecno T3 could be a good device, it has everything, but, its bottleneck is its memory: 175MB which leaves a bare 30MB, even less, for apps to use. To make things worse, it comes with so many bloatwares that I don't need and that consume this precious resource. Unfortunately, these bloatwares are installed as system apps and can't be removed or disabled. Each time I restart my phone, I have to manually force close these apps.

From the day one I purchased it, I searched everywhere for a way to remove these apps like Facebook, Twitter, GO keyboard... But Tecno T3, released in July 2012, could not be rooted with standard rooting tools like SuperOneClick.

Finally, someone found the solution, it's an app called Poot, which then install Ministro II. It should be run and then it tries to root the phone. It doesn't always succeed, and at each failure, I had to reboot the phone and try again.
After one factory reset and about hundreds of reboots, I finally had my phone rooted. I then removed all the bloatwares and have installed only the apps I like. I even replaced the original launcher with a more lightweight and low memory footprint one, named Lightning launcher.

I said I planned to make a review of this smartphone, and the review I intended to make was rather negative, but once it is rooted, I changed my mind.