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Work hard at whatever you do! (Ecc. 9. 10a)
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Hello world!
Publié le 10 Jui 2012, 2:16 pm dans dot.mg


I'm DotMG. I run a Malagasy web hosting company which offers shared hosting and domain names. My main clients are Malagasy or inhabitants of Madagascar, but there are also some international customers interested in acquiring a .mg domain name.

This site is a joblog, not a weblog. That means what I'll share here is my professional activities, the problems I encounter and the way I solved these issues. There will be also some thoughts or discussion about the IT world, the geek culture, and about the webhosting industry.

As you would have already noticed, I'm very bad in english. It's a choice to publish in a language I'm not fluent with, I reckon you'll find in this blog many childish sentences, too many errors, but all I just hope is that you can understand what I mean. And in ten years, I'll laugh at my own sentences...

For the technical part, this blog runs on Blite. Blite is a new blog engine, its particularity is that Blite is a light engine, consuming very little resource in terms of memory and sql access.

That's all. Good visit folks!

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